Innovating Green Design


As a recognized global leader in sustainable consulting and design, Verve projects are left with the fingerprints of our innovative team that exceed the expectations of our clients.


Every day is a new challenge to create, a new opportunity to enhance and protect the built environment. Verve is at the forefront of sustainable design and has visioned, planned and delivered within the built environment that is embracing new approaches to planning, design, financing and construction.


Verve’s team of consultants' work on delivering complete analytical and graphical modelling within the energy, water, integrated utilities and financial fields. Our global approach to sustainable systems analysis to help guide our clients into making sound informed decisions at an early stages of our projects.

Verve’s extensive knowledge in green building design principles, technologies, and strategies lend to delivering design solutions based on the cornerstones of environmental sensitivity, sustainability, health & well-being and project economic viability.


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