Minden, NV

Bently Heritage Distillery will develop the Old Mill District, in the town of Minden, in Carson Valley, NV, into a state-of-the-art distillery for high grade Whisky, Vodka, Gin and Absinthe. The design intent is to convert the Old Mill District into a functional distillery, tourist and educational attraction with global sustainability recognition.


The distillery project consists of two buildings serving the production of spirits: the Mill building and the Creamery Building. 


The existing Creamery Building will be demolished with the exception of the historic brick façade. The new building will be approximately 15,000 SF with variable ceiling heights up to a maximum ceiling height of 34.5 feet.  It will be constructed to house a small public area, tasting rooms, restrooms, prep kitchen, and a second distillery operation for malting of grains, production of neutral spirits, storage and support functions, bottling, packaging and loading.


This building is envisioned to be primarily steel, brick and glass. The building will respond to the various specific conditions required for the equipment it houses. A variety of conditions will exist: open spaces with natural light and natural ventilation, enclosed high-fire hazard rooms, tall spaces to house column-stills, etc. The building will be designed in a way that tunes the ceiling heights and materiality to the specific needs of the equipment it is housing. The resulting building form will be a dynamic interplay of opacity, transparency, materiality and height.


The project is designed to a LEED Gold standard and accommodates natural ventilation, daylight harvesting, recycled water, radiant floors coupled with displacement ventilation in the public spaces. LED lighting throughout in addition to low flow water fixtures.


Type: Public spaces, distillery, storage and bottling facilities
Size:  15,000 SF
Architect: Eight Inc.


601 Montgomery Street, Suite 1450
San Francisco, CA 94111


415 987 3337