Stinson Beach, CA

Our team provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and sustainable engineering design services for a single-family residence located in the Seadrift subdivision of Stinson Beach, California.  The residence was required to be certified as Build It Green per Marin County code requirements and due to its size, required to achieve Zero Net Energy.


Our design optimized natural daylighting, natural ventilation, and passive solar heating throughout the spaces.  By harnessing natural resources available at site, AT minimized building energy consumption while providing a comfortable and natural indoor environment.


The residence was a newly constructed building located on two consolidated adjoining beachfront parcels in the Seadrift area. The client demolished the existing structures on both parcels and constructed one new single family residence. The house was approximately 8,500 SF inclusive of a large partially subterranean garage. The Owner expressed keen interest in incorporating natural materials such as stone and wood, as well as large expanses of glass to take advantage of views of the ocean and Mt. Tam. The basic concept placed two pavilions flanking either side of a large, open, glazed pavilion. The flanking pavilions contained private guest suites, master suites and ancillary functions. The central pavilion housed kitchen and main living areas.


The firm recommended radiant heating and cooling in the floors and ceilings, supplemented by a low velocity forced air system to facilitate rapid cooling and control humidity. AT also recommended a geothermal system to provide heating and cooling to the building, which was strategically located the geothermal tubing with below-ground infrastructure and structural footings. Natural ventilation was facilitated by proposed motorized skylights and clerestory windows.  Other sustainable systems included: natural daylighting, thermally active surfaces, photovoltaics, solar hot water, and rainwater systems.


Type: Residential
Size: 8,500 SF


601 Montgomery Street, Suite 1450
San Francisco, CA 94111


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